Tusculum / Fairyland - RBL 70 [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists


House named "Tusculum"

1888 - Oscar Bachrach (moved to Beyrouth, Syria)

1892 - Bruce Shepherd (Deputy Land Officer)

1900 - Duncan Clark Jr.

1918 - Moller & Co.

1920 - Charles Forsyth


1924 - Jardine Matheson

House named "Fairyland"

Government comments on the request of a right-of-way to build a [motor] road to the site.

"If the intention is that Jardine, Mathieson & co. Ltd., the present owners of RBL 70, are to have the exclusive use and are to be in a position to put up a notice "Private road to Fairyland" (this is actually the name of the house), then I think that there is less objection ...

1947 - Banque de l'IndoChine

1949 - United States of America

lot - leases for GL 24 and RBL 70 surrendered, and new lease - RBL 552




Photos that show this Place



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Some description of the land size and features of the plot 'Tusculum' occupied when put up for auction in 1918: 

Tusculum The Hong Kong Telegraph page 10 11th May 1918.png
Tusculum The Hong Kong Telegraph page 10 11th May 1918.png, by eurasian_david


Source: The Hong Kong Telegraph, page 10, 11th May 1918


The seller was named earlier in April 1918 along with the address:

"FOR SALE. - TUSCULUM, Barker Road, 155 Peak apply DUNCAN CLARK, c/o Lane, Crawford & Co."

Source: The Hong Kong Telergraph, page 3, 20th April 1918