Nissen huts at HMS Tamar [c.1947-c.1977]

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At the end of WW II, probably end of the 1940's, accommodation space was needed for seamen of the Hong Kong Flotilla. A quick and comparably cheap way to build accommodation was the erection of Nissen huts (Wikipedia: a prefabricated steel structure for military use, made from a half-cylindrical skin of corrugated steel.)

These huts can be seen on a 1955 map and are labelled "Ratings Accommodation" (map cropped from



Also visible and labelled on a 1957 map (cropped from

A total of 19 huts can be found on the map, and even better on a aerial photo from 1952 (cropped from

When the boat pool was filled and Harcourt Road was built, most of the huts were demolished (probably 1960-1962). A few survived, No.'s 71 and 72 can be seen on a photo from 1967:
Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island
Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island, by philjanerhodes

And more on a photo from 1972 (cropped from :