my former Gough Hill homes.jpg

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 05:53
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Hi Franwall,

Nice photo. Thanks for posting.

Of the two buildings you have labelled in the photo, I think "359 The Peak" is one half of Red Hill, 358-9 The Peak, whilst "Jardines Mess" is Brockhurst, so I've added links to those "places".

Also seen in your photo are;

Bicton & Burrington - the building (two names but one building) on the ridgeline between Red Hill and Brockhurst. 

Kirkendoa - immediately below Bicton & Burrington.

The Ridge - on the ridgeline immediately to the right of Brockhurst.

The house called Mount Gough - between The Ridge and the triangular shaped peak of Mount Gough.

The Bracket - immediately below Brockhurst.

Cragholme - in lower right, directly below the triangular peak of Mt Gough.

Lewknor and Glasbheinn - bottom right corner.

The Bluff - to the left and a bit lower than Red Hill.