The Bracket / Grey Lodge / 30 Severn Road [????-2000]

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 The Bracket, RBL 1 - Section D

04.06.1924 - 27.08.1929    

NO. 361, The Peak - Proposed purchase by Govenment,  

Grey Lodge (formerly "The Bracket") NO. 361, THE PEAK (30 SEVERN RD.) - ADDITIONS, ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS TO - ,   09.08.1947 - 05.09.1961


"Global recession has hit hard - and 30 Severn Road, a six- bedroom house with pool and incredible ocean views, is up for sale at just under GBP 10.6 million."

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I lived at 30 Severn Road fom 1985 - 1990

As I understand it, from 1973 it was inhabited by a Judge Leonard. He was replaced by Alan Scott who went on to be the Governor of the Cayman Islands in 1985.

As far as I am aware, my family were the last tenants, as my parents both died of cancer there, as did a Filipino woman who worked for them. I am led to believe that people did not wish to move into a house that had been the home of so much death (Judge Leonard had also died there of a heart attack).

I believe it remained empty until it was demolished at the end of the last millenium.

Our family lived at 30 Severn Road from 1965-1973.  Paul Tsui put his many boys at the penthouse much like a dormitroy.

We were bad, we had the lazy habit of reversing our car from Plantation Road pass Kirkendoa round the 90 degree bend into the garage.

Ugly barbed wires & a strong gate were put around the house during the 1967 Disturbances.  Armed bodyguards were stationed at the basement 24/7/365.  The string of colour lights over the front garden served as a signal for THe Peak Police Station that the house was under attack.  One evening when a BBQ party was held for young people, someone inadvertently turned on the lights; policemen with long & short guns rushed to the house.  A tense moment occurred when the bodyguards refused to pen the gate!  What loyal bodyguards!

Nobody died during our tenancy; perhaps someone nearly did.  We were very happy and have fond memories living there.  The view was phenomenal.

When Ian Scott left to become Governor of the Caymen, he asked for Paul Tsui's antiquated HMOCS uniform helmet & cap badge.  As a boy, I shined the sword & buttons & put whiteners on that helmet.