Bicton and Burrington [c.1899- ]

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Though not known by these names any more, the two houses at 2 Pollack's Path and 44 Plantation Road have been joined from the very beginning.  They are now known simply by their addresses.

I found them on a 1915 map, so I am guessing that they were built c. 1910.

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No, it is not owned by the Fok Family. My best friend lives here with her grandparents. Her family have been living here since when my mother was in primary school. This is owned by the Tang family who's son also own the Peak Cafe. (not the building though) It is still referred to as 44 Plantation Road. Although it is partially joint to Pollock's Path. They still have harbor view on their lawn garden. The house is very well kept and recently they have built a green house extension to the roof of the servant's quarter (out building, immediately after the entrance.) This houses my friend's painting room.

In the mid-60s & early-70s, No. 44 Plantation Rd was a semi-detached house owned by Dr. Hans Tang (TONG Yu-Hon (c)).  The house was attached to No.2 Pullock's Path which was the primary residence of Henry Fok Ying-tung.  Dr. Hans Tang was described as a business partner of Henry Fok.  Their little boy then, Cherman Tang, is said to be a big owner of restaurants & clubs at Lan Kwai Fong, as well as The Peak Cafe.  Mrs. Tang was a renowned former Chinese movie star, Chan Wan-sheung (c). 

Hello rocket4rocket !

I see that you are acquainted with the present residents in 44 PR. I would very much like to get in contact with your friend. My concern is my grandparents history as habitants of the house for a period of time, about one hundred years ago. My late mother was also born there, and I am now writing the story of their family life in China. My family are norwegians, and I am living in Norway myself. I have some photos and letters after them, some might even be of general historic interest for Hongkong people today.

with regards Johan Revold    

The completion date can be pushed back from 1910 to 1898 or 1899 based on the following.

"Kirkendoa" ("Bicton & Burrington's" immediate neighbour to the south) was constructed in 1897/8 (see PRO doc at ). The following photo shows "Kirkendoa" but not "Bicton & Burrington" which would have been clearly visable above it if built at the time the pic was taken - meaning that "Bicton & Burrington" was built after "Kirkendoa", i.e. from 1898 at the earliest.

View from The Peak, Hong Kong
View from The Peak, Hong Kong, by nnStel

However, both the Peak Directory and the Ladies Directory of 1899 mention Bicton & Burrington, meaning it must have been completed by 1899.

Completion must therefore have been in 1898 or 1899.