Morrison Hall Band, Dec 1952

Sat, 09/02/2017 - 19:44

I became a medical student at HKU in1952. Stayed t Morrison Hall through out the 6 years.Several weeks after my entry into Morrison, I found about 10 residents who were musicians. A band was formed.

In the picture:

  • Wong Chi-kay (maracas)
  • Phoon Wai-Wor (piano)
  • Wai Kee-Yiu (bass & Sax)
  • Paul Yap (accordion)
  • George Tong (clarinet, trumpet)
  • Edmund Cheong (violin)
  • Yip Shing-Gaye (drums) &
  • Soo Hung- Nin (trumpet).
Date picture taken
1 Dec 1952