Battle of Britain Cocktails RAF Kai Tak Officers Mess 1953.JPG

Sat, 10/15/2016 - 17:33
Date picture taken
30 Nov 1952


This is labelled  "Battle of Britain Cocktail Party". It from my mothers album. Being an Lieutenant Army Nurse stationed at 33 Hospital in the Old La Salle College. The photographer is from Christopher Chang studio this is marked on the photo. People in Photo "Mike, Barbara,Peter, Brenda, Annie, Me and Bill" marked by my mother in the album. I have no idea who the people are as my mother passed away in 1975 when I was young. The date  is unclear obviously Battle of Britain aniversary  in 1952/53 10-31st October . the location is outside on a lawn Im unsure where that would be with reference to the modern colour photos of the RAF Kai Tak Offciers' Mess in this collection.

Well that confirms it was not 52' as my mother arrived in Hong Kong in October 1952 on the "Empire Windrush" from Singapore. So this photo must be 53'. Amended jpg label, thanks very much for that. Wheres the data base for that newspaper?