Alexandra Building, Hong Kong, 1920's

Sat, 06/11/2016 - 02:56

one thing puzzles me, that's the name Jade Tree at the entrance. In other images it reads "Chemists".

Date picture taken


Jade Tree was a Chinese art and curio store. In the 1930s, the Company had branches at Gloucester Building Arcade, Hong Kong Hotel and the Peninsula Hotel Arcade. At this busy street junction over time, A. S. Watsons (the Chemists), Hong Kong Cigar Store, Jade Tree, Canadian Pacific etc occupied the premises. Guess this photo was taken after 1925 when the fully enclosed trams were introduced but before the King Edward Hotel fire in 1929. Jade Tree moved into the Gloucester Building Arcade in 1931. An aside, a mention of the street clock can be viewed here

Thank you moddsey for giving so many details about shop owner. According to these informations I think the date should be right after 1925 as the one below is from 1924/25 showing the Hongkong Cigar Store. Will set the the date to 1927.

Des Voeux Road with Alexandra Building approx. 1920s, by HKLray