Stanley Prison

Thu, 06/23/2016 - 16:11

Thanks to FormAsia for sending this photo for us to see. It was taken from a helicopter.

The bulk of the photo shows Stanley Prison behind its wall, but there are also several buildings that date back to WW2 and the Stanley Internment Camp time. Here they are, listed by their Stanley Camp names:

  • Married Quarters - Look left from the top-left corner of the prison, and there is a retaining wall. The Married Quarters are the low-rise buildings on top of that.
  • American Quarters - Look above the Married Quarters for a line of low-rise buildings, they're the American Quarters.
  • Indian Quarters - Left from the American and Married Quarters are several high-rise towers. These were built on the site of some of the Indian Quarters. The other Indian Quarters buildings are still standing  - Look left from the high-rise towers to see a line of low-rise buildings in a "<" shape.
  • The Cemetery - Down in the bottom left corner is the concrete roof of a building. Above it is some flat, grassy land, which is the edge of the cemetery.
Date picture taken
2 Nov 2012