1960s Nathan Road

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:49
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Hi T, looking through Raymond Lo's notes, it would have been the Astor Theatre in the 1960s, though to confuse things it had the same Chinese name as the  Po Hing Theatre that used to be at this site.

And how could I miss an ARP tunnel!!

Thanks for the comments, I've added in the places.

Regards, David

Alhambra Building
Alhambra Building, by gtylam

Hi, this is another view (a movie still by The Shaw Brothers Studio) showing that stretch of Nathan Rd near the Po Hing Theatre. Think it's looking NW from Gascoigne Rd? And I suppose the Theatre would be to the left hand side of the guy reading newspaper? By the way, the guy in trench coat is Paul Chang (張沖), HK's equivalent of James Bond in The Shaw Brothers Studio. Sadly, he passed away just recently.

Greetings.  My views from the bus and sidewalk were limited to 1950s and early 60s so they coincided with the old Po Hing, its successor Astor, and Alhambra - all popular theatres.  Astor's facade facing the park caught people's attendion the most, as it had a large colourful  painting of the movie it was showing.  Other photos have refreshed my memories  that I also saw the once gasoline station and water reservoir.  One more place that impressed me was Pubic Square Street for its exceptional quietness and short length in the midst of a busy place.

One place I am interested when seeing this photo, is the gap between the CocaCola building (now Nathan Commercial Building) and the high ground next to it.  There must be a retaining wall in those days so is it still there?.  Now, I see in Google ground view there are caisson-type retaining walls along the front.  Regards, Peter