Gascoigne Road [1904- ]

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Named after

William Julius Gascoigne, Commander British Troops in China and Hong Kong from 1898–1903 (source)


Gascoigne Road is a street in Kowloon from Nathan Road to Chatham Road South. It has a length of about one kilometre.


  • 1903: Street first laid out, from Kowloon Inland Lot 652 (Glass Works), Hunghom, to Sixth Street, Yaumati. The road bifurcates, one portion communicating with Sixth Street, Yaumati, and the other with an extension of Robinson Road. (Source Public Works Report 1903-70). The southern part of the road was connected to Sixth Street, this road was renamed later Jordan Road. 
  • 1904: Work mostly finished in November. Designation "Gascoigne Road" announced.  (Source Public Works Report 1904-78)
  • 1905: Street from Robinson (Nathan) Road to Station (Shanghai) Street finished.
  • 1909: Gascoigne Road South and Sixth Street renamed Jordan Road
  • 1977: Gascoigne Road Flyover was opened
  • 1988: Road widened

Other points of interest:

Fronde Memorial

Diocesan Girls School

Former South Kowloon Magistracy

Kowloon Methodist Church

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