1969 Peking Road

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mr koval opened this resto/deli which served kosher jewish foods.  i was friends with his daughters arlene and bonnie and although we were not allowed inside at mealtimes, were often served a plate of chips around 16h (our specific request).  this after pounding the streets of tst of a saturday. they left hong kong for hawaii in 72 but lindy's survived for many more years.   i see now it has been revived as a 'spaghetti house' - oh well

the blue sign 'the world of suzie wong' bar advertised one of the first topless bars in kowloon with massive pictures of the hostesses at street level. it raised a few eyebrows at the time.  later it was rebaptised as bottom's up

don't know why i am coming up as anonymous... vanessa

Lindys was taken over around the time of this photo by Sandy Walker and a Partner who left the business a few years later. Sandy carried on managing Lindys serving the same kosher based foods that the restaurant had built it's reputation on. It's cheese cake was supposed to be the best in Hong Kong Sandy went on to co-found the Spaghetti House restaurant chain with partner Tom Parker who was then owner of Ned Kelly's last stand in Nathan Road