Mt. Gough from Mt. Kellett

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:49

Mt. Gough (now Peak) Police Station upper right.

Date picture taken


This was taken before 1903, as the site of Cheltondale on the ridge next to Mount Gough Police Station is vacant. Cheltondale is mentioned in the 1903 Juror's List.

Thanks for your reply. I only have the photos of "Clovelly" gleaned from your wonderful website (unfortunately no interior shots). To date, I have been unable to find any way of contacting Uncle Jack's (Jack Yuan Hutton Potts) three children (David, Antonia and Nicola) to ascertain whether they have any photos or any other information.

Other than I know "Eroll" was located on Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai, I have been unable to locate photos or anything else about my grandfather's residence while he managed/maintained the Shanghai branch.

Your and Annelise has provided me with virtually all the information I have on my grandfather. Currently I am assembling a presentation for a talk I will be giving later this year at our local Genealogy Society utilizing this information. I will also make certain to credit your awsome website.