1960s Blake Pier

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:29
Date picture taken
1 Jul 1962


May exclude Nov, Dec and Jan as the northern facade of Union Building was fully shone by the sun. So the photo was taken between February and October.

Second right from Tak Shing Building was Liu Chong Hing Bank Building which looked completed except for the neon sign of the bank’s name, it’s probably taken in 1962.

Hang Sang Building was nearly built to full height so it's before Dec 1962, which was already excluded by the sun position.

Thanks and noted your comments to the photo posted in 2014. At the time , the approximate photo date was based on the possible completion date of Union House.

Relying on stronger factual information supplied in 2019 on the phased development of Union House , the approximate date of the photo has now been amended. With the amendment, the demolition date of the P&O Building (4th generation) will have to be reviewed.