1960s Causeway Bay Roundabout

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In the 1960's it look more or less the same at the location, except:

1.    A foot bridge was built;

2.   Tramway for the Causeway Bay loop-back was built 

Both the  loop-back and the foot bridge still exist today however most of the neighbourhood had been rebuilt over the past few decades.  The fountain was gone in the late 1960's.  The round about extended to use the whole block around Pennington.

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A little bit of supplement.  Other than the Roxy, the Hoover is also visible and that's the tallest building close to the centre.  The lower floors of that particular highrise was the Hoover Theatre.  There was a time my old man took me there to see Woody Woodpecker or Wallace the Walrus or Tom & Jerry on Sunday morning.

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Hoover Theatre opened to business on 6th May, 1954 with " The Sword and the Rose." It claimed to be the most luxurious theatre on the Hong Kong Island in the 1950s.

Alice Poon, writing in the Asia Sentinel, adds some memories to this photo:

[...] I used to live and go to school in that area in the 50s and 60s: the old New York Theater site (at the junction of Percival Street and Hennessy Road); the old Capitol Theater site (at the junction of Yee Wo Street, Kai Chiu Road and Jardine’s Bazaar); the old Roxy Theater site (on Causeway Road); and the old Hoover Theater site (near the old tram roundabout at the junction of Leighton Road, Yee Woo Street and Causeway Road). Of these, Capitol Theater was the only cinema that used to show sensational Mandarin films produced by Shaw Brothers, with goddess-like actresses like Lin Dai, Li Lihua, Ivy Ling Bo, Jeanette Lin Tsui, Li Ching etc. playing leading ladies; the other three cinemas used to show classic and trendy Western movies.

In [this] photo, there is shown a snack store with “Vitasoy” advertising banners draped over it. The store used to sell mouth-watering jello desserts, soft drinks, popsicles and sweet bean curd. What made the jello dessert so enticing were the chunks of fresh pineapples in it and the generous splash of “Three Carnation” evaporated milk on top. But most of the time my pocket money was not enough for me to be able to afford such a luxury treat, which, for many of my high school schoolmates, were a daily after-school ritual. I usually took another route home just to avoid passing by that store.

When writing in freehand, when the letter 'a' is joined to the letter 'u' at the bottom, it looks like an 'o' and 'w' are produced. I guess a type setting problem for one not conversant in English. That's my guess.