Fountain at Causeway Bay Roundabout [1957-1968] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Fountain at Causeway Bay Roundabout [1957-1968]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1957-08-01 (Month is approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1968-01-01 (Month is approximate)

Photos from the late 1950s show the presence of a fountain at the roundabout at Causeway Bay, near Yee Wo Street. 

The China Mail dated 2 August 1957 mentioned the fountain was built soon after the completion of the roundabout and recently noted its normal operation. 

Photos that show this place


Hi There,

I believe it was still there in the Mid 1960s.  Aerial photo dated 1963 @2000 ft. of the area showed it was still there.  But the 1973 photo @3000 ft did not see the fountain.  In the early 1970s the Causebay Tram terminus was reinstated, thus ended the use of the round about.   Any tram enthusaists around to confirm the date of the CWB Terminus?

Also the foot bridge pre-dated the current Tram Terminus a bit.


1968 Causeway Bay Roundabout
1968 Causeway Bay Roundabout, by Eternal1966