1940s Upper Peak Tram Terminus

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:54

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Date picture taken


The building in the top right corner is Victoria Ridge (www.gwulo.com/node/29733). There doesn't appear to be any glass in the windows, possibly because they were never repaired following damage suffered during the war.

To the right of the Tram Terminus, the site of the Peak Hotel sits vacant as it was demolished in 1938.

I still try to find out the interim period of time between first and second generation Richmond Houses. In this image the place where the houses are supposed to stand is empty (left of the terminal building and in front of Altadena (first generation).

The date of this image is set to 1949-01-01 (an approximation I guess). Is it possible to confirm the date? Or is it possible, that it was taken earlier?

The building on the left was I believe originally the Manager's quarters and later turned into small apartments.

Is it still standing and is it still being used as an apartment block?