Victoria Ridge [c.1932-c.1950]

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According to the document at, the Peak Hospital ( was converted into flats called Victoria Ridge in 1932-3. Here are two pics in which Victoria Ridge is the building in the top right corner above the vacant site of the Peak Hotel, demolished in 1938.

Peak Tram, Upper Terminus
Peak Tram, Upper Terminus, by annelisec


1940s Upper Peak Tram Terminus
1940s Upper Peak Tram Terminus, by David

Here's what it looked like as Peak Hospital, before conversion. The similarities between its former and converted self are strong.


Peak Hospital, by Links Gwulo to Library photos

And here's a photo of Victoria Ridge from further away. It's in the center.

Looted houses on the Peak
Looted houses on the Peak, by John Florea, The LIFE Picture Collection, Getty Images


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This pic of the site formerly occupied by Victoria Ridge is dated 1953 on eternal 1966s photostream on flickr.

Upper Peak Tram Terminus
Upper Peak Tram Terminus, by eternal 1966


Shouldn't the marker for this site coincide with the one for the Peak Hospital? This marker appears to coincide with where the hotel was.