1966 Nathan Rd, TST

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Photo courtesy of Peter Lisle-Taylor

Date picture taken
1 Sep 1966


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I think I recognize the Chinese Restaurant by the left. The site had switched hands many times. I believe the photo was taken in the present location of approximately the main entrance of Kowloon Park/MTR/The Mosque, close to Nathan & Haiphong. The buildings are mostly still there. The Mirador is right in the middle. I am uncertain of what's the name of the white building in the site of the now Golden Mile Holiday Inn.


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T, I was in TST yesterday, and remembered your suggestion. I took this photo from the corner of Haiphong and Nathan, and it shows your location was the right one. Surprising to see the buildings haven't changed much in 40+ years - I guess they must have been quite new wihen the Peter was there.

2008 Nathan Rd in TST


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Silly me.  That white building at the very back with lots of windows should be the Chung King Mansion.  The new photo showed the Holiday Inn Golden Mile and the 'gap' between Mirador and Chung King is narrower.



the james s lee tailors was replaced by an asian  designer jeans company in 1974 called bang! bang! - fashions at reasonable prices, took some trade away from granville road outlets who had the lion's share of this market (not counting the fakes sold on bowring market, temple street or lion rock road)