1966 Street scene

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:48

Photo courtesy of Peter Lisle-Taylor

Date picture taken
1 Sep 1966


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I also think it is TST. However I could not visualize exactly where with so small a picture. Most of the signs might not be around after four decades, and I could not recall any memory of the photo. If it was really taken in 1966, I was only four years old.

I believe many of the old buildings are still there, however base on the apparently straight street, it would most like be either Lock Road or Hankow Road.

If only I could have a bigger print out for comparison on-site......


Hi T,

There is a bigger version of this photo available - this is a good time to explain how the images are handled on this site.

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I am logged in as tngan right now but I am still unable to see the original link.  Is it just me, my browsers, or is it something else?


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Hi there,

With the photo in it's original size, I think I know approximately where was the photographer standing.  It should be somewhere between the HSBC branch and the side street to Tom Lee Piano Company Ltd.  I recognized it by the small blue sign of the Crystal Palace Restaurant at the middle of the photo.  Crystal Palace Restaurant is still there today.

The vanishing point of the photo was the Barracks along Chatham Road, the now Tsimshatsui East.  You should be able to see some trees between the signs.

Some of the old building by the right are still there too.

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