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1980 Nathan Road(1)

1980 Nathan Road(1)

View along Nathan Road in August 1980. I do not remember the exact location, most likely somewhere between Haiphong and Mody Road looking in southerly direction. About 10m from the photographer is a pedrestrian subway - maybe this helps for finding correct location.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, August 27, 1980


I think you've got the right location. In the comments to this 1966 photo of Nathan Road, the location of the Parker sign & Swindon Bookshop is given as Mirador Mansions:

1966 Nathan Rd, TST

Regards, David

I remember the supermarket "Wellcome" (惠康) - you can see the yellow sign with red words on the left border of the picture about midway up. The person taking the picture was looking at Nathan Road southbound. This is at the intersection of Nathan Road and Haiphong Road (to the right of the photo taker). The block is between Hunphreys Avenue (in front of the photo taker) and Cameron Road (behind the photo taker). To the photo taker's right (out of view) is the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre.


The person taking the photo was likely standing somewhere near the red X, looking southbound on Nathan Road:

Nathan Road 1980s.png
Nathan Road 1980s.png, by Vanessaf