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List of people

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Alias / nickname Given Familysort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Henry August Wittenbach 1900 1989 M
Philip Peveril John Wodehouse 1877 1951 M
Henry Ernest Wodehouse 1845 1929 M
Andrew Andreas Wohlters M
Edward Dudley Corscaden Wolfe 1875 1952 M
Michael / Shin-on Wong 1912 M
Stephen Wong / 黃源章 Yuen-Cheung Wong 1928 1993 M
BAAG No. 58 Fo-yau Wong ?
Dick / Dickie Richard Henry Wong 1908 1944 M
Flo Florence Lucy Wong Ching F
George Wong M
Thomas Wong M
Fred Wong M
The Junk Owner William / Lin-wan Wong M
黃文 Man Wong M
Charlie Wong M
Florrie Florence Agnes Wong F
BAAG No. 99, 黃作梅 Raymond / Chok-Mui Wong 1916 1955 M
BAAG No. 46 William / Kwong-Sheung Wong M
BAAG codename PREST / PRESS Preston Wong 1890 1943 M
C P Wong M
Jessie Jessica May Wong 1914 F
Wong Cheng M
Dorothy May Woo Choy Hing 1900 1972 F
BAAG No. 52.ii Betty Woo F