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List of people

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Alias / nickname Given Familysort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
BAAG No. 51.ii Yeung Por ?
Yeung Tak Yi M
BAAG No. 79 Kwong-fai Yip ?
BAAG No. 27 Sang Yip ?
BAAG No. 28 Tak Yip ?
BAAG No. 34 Code name 'Cyclist' Foo Yip M
Edward Youde 1924 1986 M
Robert Young 1896 M
Mark Aitchison Young 1886 1974 M
BAAG No. 62 Vincent / Wing-Sin Young 1918 M
Teresa Young F
Cecil Walter Younger 1899 1943 M
Fuk Ha Yu M
Morrison Brown Yung M
Fedor Longinovich Zadorin M
Helen Zaharoff F
Eugenie Zaitzeff F
Anatole Nicholas Zavadsky / Tonoff / Townley 1917 1974 M
Sun Yat-sen; Sun Wen Sun Zhongshan 1866 1925 M
Eunice M Ziegler 1927 F
Everett Ziegler M
Laurence A Ziegler 1930 M
Ruth E Ziegler 1932 F
Theodore A Ziegler 1934 M
Laura Beatha Ziegler 1900 1961 F