John P. PENNEFATHER-EVANS (aka Tup) [1894-1977]

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John P.
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Barbara Anslow:

Pennefather-Evans was Commissioner of Police in Hong Kong at the time of the Japanese invasion.

Photos that show this Person


He's another man I'm looking for photos of as part of the CPS project. He was appointed Commissioner of Police in 1941, so was in charge of the police through the fighting in 1941, and the following years of internment.

I've found one, not very clear photo of him in the newspapers:

The article also gives background on his career - he'd joined the police in 1914 aged 20, as a Police Probationer of the Federated Malay States.

I didn't find any results in the HKPRO photographs collection or UKNA, and I haven't found any family tree records.

Thanks Adam, I'll have to give that another check through.

I see there's also a photo of him entitled "Commissioner of Police Inspection Parade of Special Constabulary at Caroline Hill Hong Kong 6th Nov. 1941" in Kevin Sinclair's book.

Regards, David

After WWII. J. P. Pennefather-Evans was made Commissioner of Police of Singapore in February 1951 for a one year duration and interestingly enough paid an official 5 day visit to Hong Kong in February 1952 prior to leaving Singapore. Appears there isn't coverage of the visit on the online HKPL archive.


       I see there are family members of John Pennefather Evans on here.  I applied for a Somme 100 year commemorative poppy from the British Legion.  My poppy arrived and is named Lieutenant Humphrey Pennefather Evans.  I believe he was the brother of John.  I know he was 20 when he died at the Somme but I am struggling to find out much else.  If any family members are still alive. I would love to know more about Humphrey and the Pennefather Evans family. 

     Although I am extremely honoured to receive this poppy and will take pride of place,  if Humphrey as family members still alive these poppys should be with their descendants.

Mr M Ison

Dear Mr. Ison,

Unfortunately, I haven't been on this site for a few months. I have only read your message today.

With regard to your query about Humphrey Pennefather-Evans, he was my husband's uncle. We have a few photographs of him in a family album.

We made a donation for the 100 Years Anniversary Poppy via an appeal letter from The Royal British Legion, in Humphrey's name. Due to ill- health, I was not able to monitor its delivery.

I think there may have been an administration error, as you are in possession of the poppy! 

All very confusing!

Kind regards,

Patrick and Jennifer Pennefather-Evans

Hi Jennifer,
I applied for a 100 year Somme poppy, obviously just applying for any, i didn't know they would be named. Is there anyway i could see a photo of him please? I did do a search online to find out about him, which was very interesting and sad, dying so young.
Thank you
Mark Ison

Dear Mr. Ison,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your message.

My husband and I were in communication with Basil Foster of the Pirbright Historians earlier this year, as they were conducting in depth research into Humphrey's life and army service as his name was on the local war memorial and a book was being prepared on all of the men named on the memorial. We passed on copies of the photographs to Basil Foster and he was going to do further research into the uniforms worn.

We are happy for you to contact Basil,

I also found a write-up  on

I hope this will help you with your research. I don't mind you contacting me directly

Kind regards,

Jennifer Pennefather-Evans