Former Police Station at Quarry Bay [1891-c.1960]

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113.       Police Station at Quarry Bay—Occupying an elevated site on the western side of Quarry Bay 4,340 square feet in area, is a one-storied building containing 2 rooms, store-room and 2 cells.

Detached from the main building but approached by a covered way are the kitchens, servants' quarters and offices. This building was commenced in November, 1890, and completed in July last by Mr. CHAN A TONG under contract (24/90).

From Report of the Director of Public Works for 1891

The police station is still marked on the 1957 map. It was probably demolished around 1960 when the Healthy Village public housing estate was built.

Update: marker moved north-east nearer to King's Road as can be seen on the 1903.1 map on There is an elevation given of 61 ft (nearly 20 m) above sea level. Later named Tanner Police Station (see comment below).

Photos that show this Place


Probably visible right of the Metropole Hotel on the ridge in this photo

Tramway to sugar factory Hong Kong, by Des. White

The next photo shows a larger building, possibly rebuilt later:

c.1910 North Point, by Cairlinn

Viewing from the 1930s map, there were two police stations in this area. One near North Point and the other near Taikoo Dockyard. However, no name was printed near the P.S..

From the Chinese Newspaper, I found the name Tanner Police Station in 1930s. Therefore I confirmed the one near North Point should be named as Tanner Police Station. And the one near Mt. Parker Road should be named as Quarry Bay Police Station.

Both stations no longer existed.

I looked through the Public Works Department Annual reports and found a couple of mentions of Tsat Tsz/Tze Mui Police Station but no mentions of Tanner Police Station. Most of the police stations were just named after their district, so Tsat Tsz Mui or Tsat Tze Mui Police Station sounds right.

Those mentions in the PWD Annual Reports:

  • 1913, item 48: "Tsat Tsz Mui Police Station—General repairs, painting and colourwashing throughout"
  • 1915, item 124: "Installing Electric Lights in Shaukiwan and Tsat Tsz Mui Police Stations and ..."
  • 1922, item 106.g: "to the South of Tsat Tsz Mui Police Station."
  • 1934, item 46: "relayed concrete surfacing, Tsat Tze Mui Police Station"