Happy Valley Racecourse - Japanese (2 of 2)

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:02

It appears that Morrison Hill still stands.  That makes this early 1920s.

The canal looks like a moat !

When was the racecourse building with the tower built ?

Date picture taken


About 2/3 of the way across from L-R are some yellowish buildings. They are these buildings, and mark the line of Queens Rd East. Morrison Hill would have been in the distance behind them.

What's confusing about this picture is the apparent valley to the left of the building with the tower. I think it's either a rip on the postcard, or an over-enthusiastic job by whoever coloured the black & white photo they were given to work with.

No idea about the tower - could be a good subject for a new place.

I've added the place for the racecourse to this photo.