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Tai Wan Beach & Hok Yuen Power Station

Tai Wan Beach & Hok Yuen Power Station


© UMAG, Hong Kong



This is the beach at Hung Hom, see the Places above.

Is there any common thread linking these photos together? eg from the same collector, or taken by the same photographer?

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

All these pictures belong to the same collection, the UMAG in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I don't have any information regarding to the photographer, but I don't think it's all by the same one, for the period ranging from 1900 to 1960.

SanderB uploaded a better copy:

I have posted this photo, depicting the beach between Whampoa Dock and Tai Wan Shan (Hung Hom) Beach, before. This new photo has a higher resolution, so it may also provide new information.


[Sander, instead of making a separate page for the hi-res copy, it's better to edit the original page and replace the photo like I've done here. That keeps all the information in one place. It's good to see the sharper copy - is there any particular type of information you're looking for?]

It's a large group of western men swimming. I guess they were British soldiers, a later version of this group from the 1900s:

1907 Soldiers swimming
1907 Soldiers swimming, by David