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Hok Un / Hok Yuen Power Station [1921-1991]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Marker's position approximate.

What was the completion date for the power station? The Hong Kong Heritage Project blog says:

In 1940, Hok Un “A” Power Station was opened by Governor Sir Geoffrey Northcote and a decade later Hok Un “B” Power Station was commissioned as Hong Kong rapidly industrialised and domestic supply increased. Read more...

But I'm not sure if that was the first power station on the site or not.

I've set the demolition date to 1991, as a history summary on the CLP website says:

1991. Full decommissioning of the Hok Un Power Station.

Photos that show this place


Hi David,

I think the other Kai Tak photo has this station captured.  Should be a good reference for the marker too.

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CLP's history in the book 'Power' by Nigel Cameron gives the start of construction at Hok Un as 1919 with electricty production starting as September 1921. Pages 74 & 75

Thanks IDJ, I've added in the 1921 completion date.

Regards, David

Hi David, the history of Hok Un power station is very interesting, if a little convoluted. I've added a brief timeline below:

1903: foundation of CLP's first power station at Chatham Road

1918 - 1919: original site swapped with government for Hok Un Marine Lot 93 (due to construction of Kowloon-Canton Railway), work begins on construction of new power station

1921: original power station moves to Hok Un, installation of new boilers and turbines, 1 year behind schedule

1926: electricity supplied to first industrial customer: Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard

1938: addition of new plant at Hok Un

1940: opening of Hok Un 'A' power station by Governor Sir Geoffrey Northcote

1945: Hok Un provides all electricity to Kowloon and Hong Kong in the first few weeks following liberation

1950s: construction of Hok Un 'B' power station following surge in demand

1959: Hok Un 'B' begins to operate

1991: full decommissioning of Hok Un power station

I'd be interested to find out more about the photographs showing RAF at Hok Un.