Tai Ping Shan Panorama | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Tai Ping Shan Panorama

Tai Ping Shan Panorama

View looking East towards Central Mid-Levels from just above the Tung Wah Hospital Site. The labeled buildings are: 


A Unknown Building on Bridges Street just to the west of Ladder Street

B Dinder

C Original No 8 Police Station. Just below it is the  Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall

D  London Missionary Society Chapel and Nethersole Dispensary 1881-1895 – chapel  c1862

F ? North of Rozario Street - lot owned by Procurator For the Dominican Missions on IL 421

G Large house unnamed on 1901 map. Where Kin Yuen Mansion is today

H: Wilderness

I Craigengower

J The Castle

K The Den or Seymour Terrace

L The Hut

M Glenseskin

N No 8 Police Station

O Idlewild

P Beauregard

Q London ‘Mission House’

R Tung Hing Theatre

S Tip of Tung Wah Hospital Building Roof

T Po Yee Street (Station Street)

U Po Hing Fong (Market Street)

V Rutter Lane

W Pound Lane 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1870