Nathan Road - Northbound view from the Shamrock Hotel | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Nathan Road - Northbound view from the Shamrock Hotel

Nathan Road - Northbound view from the Shamrock Hotel

Received by email:

Nathan Rd northbound with Jordan Rd below. Taken from the Shamrock Hotel.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


We lived just around the corner at Cox's Path. The Evergreen Company ( visible on the corner) was a great old shop full of all sort of stuff. I remember there being a large submarine model in a as you walked in which was totally incongruous as the shop seemed to sell mainly material and haberdashery

My Uncle Andrew lived with his Wife Josephine and her daughter Mabel Lui, and their adopted daughter Theresa and adopted son David at #21, 2nd floor - just 2 doors down from that striking building recessed among the trees at the corner of Jordan Rd and Nathan Road. Their home holds for me years of wonderful memories with Cousin Theresa. Coincidentallt, the door key to my own home opened their door as well! It was said that the lovely building set among the trees was haunted, that no one dared live in it. Many years later I heard that actually the owners had emigrated long ago, and they had passed away, with no family member to claim the property. Never did find the truth of that story. Felix Chanduloy