Building on the southeast corner of the junction of Jordan and Nathan Roads [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

Built on KIL 103.

The current building on the site is 240-252 Nathan Road, but the 1922 map shows the building divided into four units so I'm not sure of the original numbering.

Notes from angie-r:

This is another look at the apartment building [...] where we lived after the war, at 244 Nathan Road, across from the building where the Evergreen store was located (Cambay buildings?).  [...] My parents were friends of the owners of Evergreen, Tommy and Betty Young, who later opened a store on Duddell Street in Hong Kong, before retiring to Hawaii. 

[...] I don't think our building had a name but it had two main entrances on Nathan Road. The building had two wings at the back with a connecting walkway via steps from a small entrance on Jordan Road.  Two half-covered cemented "courtyards" were attached to the two retail stores.  Each wing had balconies (with poles for drying clothes) on each floor connecting the main part of the home to the servants' quarters, backdoor and kitchen.  It was also interesting to see the 1935 photo of the two buildings at the junction of Nathan and Jordan Roads, both looking so pristine.

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