Kowloon Methodist Church [1951- ]

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I've set the completion date to 1951, based on:


Photos that show this Place


As seen from the 1951 picture in the photo gallery, the Methodist school (primary) next to the church was established in 1951. The Methodist College (secondary) was established in 1958. This picture shows the opening ceremony (啟鑰禮) of Methodist College attended by Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Robert Black, K.C.M.G . The motorcade of the governor was going uphill to the college on the right (out of picture).  The Methodist school (primary) and the Methodist church were on the left. The building downhill was at the junction of Gascoigne road and Pak Hoi street. The Astor theater was just out of the picture.


1958 methodist college opening ceremony
1958 methodist college opening ceremony, by simtang