Former South Kowloon Magistracy [1936- ]

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The new Kowloon Magistracy, an imposing structure at King's Park of the most modern design, was formally opened this morning when Mr. W. Schofield, the First Magistrate, made a speech before discharging the first prisoner, thereby upholding the traditions of the Court.

Page 1, The China Mail, 1936-04-14

Constructed in 1933. It housed a court handling minor criminal cases at magistrate's level.

It later served as the Kowloon District Court which was renamed in 1957 the South Kowloon District Court. After the opening of the North Kowloon Magistracy in 1960, some cases were diverted there. The South Kowloon District Court remained in use as a district court until 1986 when it became the Judiciary Central File Repository. It has served as the Lands Tribunal (土地審裁處) since 1997 and accommodates five courts. The South Kowloon Magistracy moved to a building next door (36 Gascoigne Road) where it operated until final closure in 2000.