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1950s Alhambra Theatre

1950s Alhambra Theatre

Received by email.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


The second building on the left, past the theatre was a taxi garage which I remember as the "555" taxi company.  You can see the open garage door for the taxis to enter and leave by.

The double decker bus on the left was a city bus.  The bus on the right coming down Nathan Rd is a country  "lorry" bus which went out along the coast road to the New Territories.

I remember that the small building on the left was by a car park.  It had something to do with the Jockey Club. 


My sister tells me that there was a Chinese Theatre opposite the Alhambra.  I have a mental picture of a building with steps leading up to it, set back from the road.  I have a clear memory of our family car being parked in a car park opposite the Alhambra, and boys being tipped to look after the car.

The theatre was called in Cantonese 'Po Hing' and later became the Astor. The car park you mentioned may be the one on Gascoigne Rd just off Nathan Rd close to the South Kowloon Magistracy and Chinese Methodist Church and opposite to the Alhambra. Please see:


1930s Po Hing Theatre Steps

Thanks Moddsey for showing the front steps of the Po Hing Theatre which I  climbed several times in the 1950s.  I watched "Sayonara" at Astor and was called back to see it again by that large painting of the beautiful actress on the northern face of the building.  How can I forget the Alhambra Theatre after watching "The Creeping Unknown/The Quatermass Xperiment" alone with no adult supervision.  I am sure it triggered the early arrival of grey hair.  

You are right.  My sister referred to it being near to the "Law Courts".  She also referred to a royal statue close by but was not sure that she was not confusing the staue with the one near the Cenataph.

As for the Theatre, I was right about the steps which were all I could remember.  Thank you.

I have posted a picture I took at the time of nathan Road at the juncion of Gascoigne Road and Nathan Rd, with the Alhambra on the rhs.  Look for it under "Coronation 1953"