1950s Alhambra Theatre

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:54

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The second building on the left, past the theatre was a taxi garage which I remember as the "555" taxi company.  You can see the open garage door for the taxis to enter and leave by.

The double decker bus on the left was a city bus.  The bus on the right coming down Nathan Rd is a country  "lorry" bus which went out along the coast road to the New Territories.

I remember that the small building on the left was by a car park.  It had something to do with the Jockey Club. 


My sister tells me that there was a Chinese Theatre opposite the Alhambra.  I have a mental picture of a building with steps leading up to it, set back from the road.  I have a clear memory of our family car being parked in a car park opposite the Alhambra, and boys being tipped to look after the car.

Thanks Moddsey for showing the front steps of the Po Hing Theatre which I  climbed several times in the 1950s.  I watched "Sayonara" at Astor and was called back to see it again by that large painting of the beautiful actress on the northern face of the building.  How can I forget the Alhambra Theatre after watching "The Creeping Unknown/The Quatermass Xperiment" alone with no adult supervision.  I am sure it triggered the early arrival of grey hair.  

You are right.  My sister referred to it being near to the "Law Courts".  She also referred to a royal statue close by but was not sure that she was not confusing the staue with the one near the Cenataph.

As for the Theatre, I was right about the steps which were all I could remember.  Thank you.