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1908 Chatham Road

1908 Chatham Road

Retouched (levels adjusted) copy of photo from the HK Public Library collection, entitled "Chatham Road, showing Knutsford Terrace and Observatory. Rosary Church on the left and Gun Club Hill on the right".

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1908


showing it's (then) breezy location, with views across TST towards the harbour and HK island. No doubt the residents grumbled as buildings went up in front, blocking their view. Some things never change!

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This photo might have shown the approximate location of the photographer of another photo in question.

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Hanoi Rd and Hart Ave are on the left.  This 5-point junction retained their original configuration as shown in your other photos.  Taken from Signal Hill, I believe, and looking north, it shows just beyond the trees the rear view of Lyton Hotel.  I visited my classmate there in the 1950s as his father was its owner.  Though small looking on the outside, its rooms and hallways were spacious and the staff kept the place incredibly clean.  A few British officers stayed there.  Last year, I returned to the site and reminsced those wonderful years, and lamented the loss of  this beautiful building. 

Thanks Old Timer, good to have the building identified. I've added it to the Places Shown.

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Think Oberservatory Villas can be seen left of Chatham Road after the bend.