Lyeemoon Villas [1897-1930] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Lyeemoon Villas [1897-1930]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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These were two buildings on KIL 525. One ran parallel to Chatham Road, and one was parallel to Mody Road. They both had the same layout, and each appears to have been a mini terrace of three houses.

The dates are a guess - the earliest mention I've found on Gwulo is the 1897 Jurors List:

cHeymannMaxClerkHarling, Buschmann and Menzell 3Lyeemoon VillasKowloon
cHilleOtto FerdinandClerkMeyer & Co. 3Lyeemoon VillasKowloon
cKarbergChristian PetersenClerkArnhold Karberg & Co. Lyeemoon Villas Kowloon
cPriceHerbertWine MerchantGande Price & Co. 5Lyeemoon VillasKowloon

The buildings are also shown on a map from the early 1900s (UKNA ref: MPG 1/798), but photos from the 1930s show other buildings on this site.

Photos that show this place