Gordon Terrace [c.1902-c.1961]

Submitted by Klaus on Sat, 03/07/2020 - 06:22
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Gordon Terrace was situated at the north-eastern side of Hanoi Road on K.I.L 573; likely numbers 1 to 8. Is labelled on the 1920 map at hkmaps.hk, on this map 8 units are shown. Appears first on a 1902 map.

Demolished after WW2. Centadata gives date of occupation for 1/1a Hanoi Road 07/1962, for 2/2a Hanoi Road 05/1964. Probably more new houses were built at No.s 3 to 8, these were demolished when Century House (No.s 3-4) opened in 1981 and Podium Plaza (No.s 5-7b) in 1996. So demolition date was estimated to 1961.

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