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Cable Car at Ocean Park [????- ]


1910s Taikoo Aerial Ropeway

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1918 Taikoo Aerial Ropeway

Would this be the Taikoo Aerial Ropeway? Looks like Quarry Gap in the distance.

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Dairy Farm Ropeway, Pok Fu Lam [????-????]

Previously I wrote:

A 1957 map shows an Aerial Ropeway running from the Dairy Farm buildings near Pok Fu Lam Road, down the hillside and ending near a pier on the seafront, roughly where Bel-Air in Cyberport is today.

I can't see that map in the 'Mapping Hong Kong' book, so I guess it's a map I saw in the Central Library's map section. (Note to self: include references to sources!)

[2017 update, the ropeway is shown on the 1952 map.]

Taikoo Ropeway [1891-1932]

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This used to run from the Quarry Bay area at the bottom of the hill, up the valley to Quarry Gap.

When the ropeway (another name for 'cable-car') was running, Quarry Bay held the Taikoo Dockyard and Taikoo Sugar Refinery, while Quarry Gap was known as Sanitarium Gap, and was the site of the Taikoo Sanitarium.

When did it run?

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