1918 Taikoo Aerial Ropeway

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 09:18

Would this be the Taikoo Aerial Ropeway? Looks like Quarry Gap in the distance.

Date picture taken


I also reckon it's Taikoo Ropeway. The following link shows another of the frames that supported the cable and that it's of the same basic design as the one above.


One difference between the two pics is that whereas this one shows only one cable forming the cableway, the linked photo shows two. Originally the system had only a single cable, but in 1904 it was doubled (Moddesey's post of 26-8-2009 at www.gwulo.com/taikoo-aerial-ropeway) - presumably meaning the addition of the second cable seen in the linked photo. If so, the above photo should date from earlier than 1918, to sometime before 1904 -unless the second cable didn't last very long or had been removed for maintenance when the photo was taken.

Thanks. Interesting observation about the second cable and the year. From looking at the photo series on Flickr as seen here and full set of photos posted originally at an auction site, it would appear that the photos were dated to 1918.