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Albany Flats [????-????]

Photos show it was a low building, 3-4 storeys high.

Government Quarters, 122 Pokfulam Road [1980-2014]

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Date Place demolished: 

I walked past these yesterday, and they're currently being demolished. A friend rented a flat there a couple of years ago, and they were a lovely spot to live.

The completion date is from this government web page about the property:


Buxey Lodge (3rd generation) - Conduit Road [1960- ]

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Mansfield Road

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guessing 1970

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Mansfield Road Government Quarters [1965- ]

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King's Park Government Quarters [????-????]

Four blocks of six-storey government quarters.

They've already been knocked down and the site re-developed.

Leighton Hill Government Quarters (1st generation) [1921-1941]

Date Place completed: 
Date Place demolished: 

Leighton Hill Government Quarters (Blocks A & B) [1948-1999]

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These were built at the north end of Leighton Hill.

A resident remembers that Block A was commonly known as the 'Old Block', and Block B as the 'Middle Block'.

Blocks C & D were built a few years later.

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