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Buxey Lodge (3rd generation) - Conduit Road [1960- ]

Date Place completed: 


The Rating & Valuation Dept's Names of Buildings gives the "Year built" as 1950.

But our notes on the previous building at the site suggest that lasted into the mid-late 1950s.

Does anyone remember moving into the current building when it was new, and can give us a firm opening date?

Regards, David

China Mail November 28 1958

The large old house on Conduit Road used as a hostel for single male government officers was to be pulled down in early 1959 to make way for an 11 storey government block comprising of 60 flats. I suspect there has been a typo and the correct year of completion was 1960.

Thanks Moddsey, that sounds likely. I'll set it to 1960.