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Leighton Hill Government Quarters (Blocks C & D) [1955-1999]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Date Place demolished: 

These were built at the south end of Leighton Hill.

A resident remembers they were known as the 'New Blocks'.

Blocks A & B were built a few years earlier.

Photos that show this place


I've set the demolition date to December 1999, based on 80skid's memory. Let us know if you have a more accurate date.

I've also changed the title from 'South Blocks' to their correct name, Blocks C & D.

Regards, David

We'd originally used 1956, based on these Legco notes Moddsey found:

From Legco archives dated 21 November 1956, "New blocks at Chater Hall and Leighton Hill have recently been completed."

But today Dan Waters wrote:

I moved into Leighton Hill, new block, as soon as it was built in September 1955. I moved out at the end of 1956

So I've set the completion date to Sept 1955.

Regards, David