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HMS Marazion&torpedoes(2).png

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I didn't upload this photo with the previous batch of 4th Submarine Flotilla photos as I wasn't sure if it was relevant to Hong Kong. It comes from WR Fell's album of 1928-29 and the nearby photos are from Bias Bay, a notorious hideout for pirates. HMS Marazion was a Hunt-class minesweeper launched by Fleming & Ferguson, Paisley, Yard No 453, on 15 April 1919 and sold in March 1933 in Hong Kong. She acted as a submarine tender and was present at the sinking of Poseidon in 1931(Wikipedia).

Hong Kong to Mirs Bay map.jpeg

I put the link to this hydrographical sea chart on the thread connected with Plover Bay. However I thought it deserves an image in its own right on Gwulo as the names are so evocative, e.g. Crooked Harbour, Port Shelter, Rocky Hanrbour and the Nine Pin Group of islands, and I'm not sure if they still exist. There's also a nice little glossary of Chinese to English geographical terms. From the information given, I believe the chart was from the 1906 British Survey but not printed till 1912 and then reissued by the US during World War 2.

Chinese Navy 1929.jpg

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This is one of the photos from WR Fell's 1928-29 album. In the 1920s HMS Titiania and the 4th Submarine Flotilla were collaborating with the Chinese Navy, I believe, in seeking out and getting rid of pirates up and down the China coast. Many of WRF's photos are taken at Weihaiwei and around Mirs Bay, Plover Cove and Tolo.

L33 at Mirs Bay.jpg

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I've uploaded these photos from WR Fell's 1928-1929 album which must be contemporary with the recreational small boat trips to the nearby Plover Cove that the officers took, sometimes with friends from shore and which relate to the photos labelled "Plover Cove".

4th Flotilla Submarines at Tolo.jpg

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Photograph from WR Fell's 1928-1929 album. Shows HM Submarines L3, L20, L33 and L27.

George Cunningham Paton MENZIES [1900-1968]

George Cunningham Paton
Birthplace (town, state): 
Cheddleton, Staffordshire
c.1968-01-01 (Day is approximate)

George Menzies was an officer in the 4th Submarine Flotilla serving on the China station in 1928-1929 commanding one of the L Class submarines.  He had already served in the 1st World War 1916-1919 and in the 2nd World War commanded the Submarine Depot ship HMS Forth. He married Constance Grice-Hutchinson in April 1936.

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Menzies by WRF.jpg

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1920s Hong Kong submariners continued:

Just labelled "Menzies" in WR Fell's 1928-29 album, I assume this is George Cunningham Paton Menzies, future commander of the Submarine Depot Ship, HMS Forth in 1941, but here the walking companion of WR Fell. Is this above Aberdeen? By the look of his shirt tails, Menzies has probably just put his shirt back on for the photo.

Repulse Bay winter outing.jpg

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This seems to be a group of the officers of HM Submarine L3 with a group of female companions, unfortunately unnamed. I think Lt R.G. Liveing is on the left. It looks rather chilly and must be a formal occasion. I don't want to swamp the site with submariners and submarines. Let me know if everyone has seen enough. There are a few more Hong Kong photos of named officers who went on to serve in WW2. Much of the rest of WR Fell's album is of the coast around Weihaiwei and Bia's Bay and various  excursions to small bays.

Thyne Lloyd Phillips Davies.jpg

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This photo, again from the 1928-1929 album of WR Fell, shows five of the crew of HM Submarine L3 relaxing at Repulse Bay. Unfortunately only four are named. I've found a Sub Lt Thyne on HMS Titania's sick list in 1921. Lt Lloyd is commemorated on p. 3 of the journal Light Airs where at Chefoo “It is understood that the local police requested to be informed whenever Lt. Lloyd went ashore.” Perhaps he is here recovering from a night out. Phillips is mentioned in Light Airs as Dr Phillips.

Re-storing Plover Cove.jpg

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Another photo from the 1928-1929 album of WR Fell - the best I could do, I'm afraid. There are several photos of excursions around the coast in this cutter which sometimes took as many as seven on board.


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