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Fri, 11/22/2019 - 07:33

This photo from the 1928-1929  album of WR Fell puts faces to some of the names of the crew of HM Submarine L3. Lt. Robert George Liveing was the editor of the Flotilla's journal "Light Airs" and was the youngest officer of L3. Gaisford is probably Richard Lindsay Stephen Gaisford and would become Lt-Cdr Richard Gaisford OBE. I can't find Bryans for certain. Liveing would marry Manon Bickmore, young widow of a fellow submariner, who drowned in an accidental collision between HM Submarines L12 and H47 in 1929. Liveing and Bickmore may well have been at Dartmouth College together. The submarine community was and is still very close knit. Liveing resigned from the Royal Navy in 1931.



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