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Star Ferry Terminal, TST (2nd generation) [1906-1906]

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This replaced the earlier pier that was a short distance to the north, in front of the main building of the Kowloon Wharves. It was very short-lived, as it was destroyed by a typhoon just a few months after it opened. The pier was rebuilt on the same site but to a new design, creating the 3rd generation Star Ferry pier.


Temporary Hung Hom Ferry Pier [1988-1991]

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Hung Hom Bay was reclaimed in two steps, the first ended in July 1989, the second one finally in December 1994. During the first phase, the 1979 Hung Hom Pier had to be demolished (done at the end of 1988), a new pier was planned and finally finished by November 1990. 

For the intermediate period, a temporary pier was built. This pier was situated on a small piece of reclaimed land near Hung Hom Bay Centre off todays Hung Hom South Road, a pontoon was moored to the shelter/waiting rooms for boarding.

Silvermine Bay Jetty [1951-1963]

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The name can be found on the 1957 map on hkmaps.hk.

Public Works Report for 1951 refers:

In the spring a 400-foot Government pier was constructed at Silver Mine Bay on Lantao Island, this improvement being primarily responsible for the noticeable increase in holiday traffic on this run. It is expected that the comparative ease of travel between Hong Kong and the eastern end of Lantao Island will induce more people to settle in this beautiful part of the Colony.