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1889 1889 Rainstorm
1889 Pedders Wharf (after storm 2).jpg

Total Rainfall: 33".11 = 840 mm (in two days) with maximum hourly rainfall of 3.35" = 85 mm.

Dozens of landslides occurred, the severest damages were at the Albany Nullah and the Glenealy… read more

1926 1926 Rainstorm

Total rainfall: 534.1mm, with maximum rainfalls of 100.7mm in 1-hour, 430.6mm in 6-hours, and 526.7mm in 12-hours.
Deaths: Appx 7

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1966 1966 Rainstorm
Knee deep in Central-1966

Total rainfall: 495 mm

Deaths: 64

Source:… read more