Nothing old to see in Hong Kong? Bollards!

Nothing old to see in Hong Kong? There's loads of stuff! Just don't be looking up in search of old buildings, instead turn your eyes to the floor...

I'm talking about those humble items like manhole covers, fire hydrants, and yes, bollards:

Old-style bollard at Green Lane

"Street furniture" is the trade term for these and other items we find along the streets and pavements. Fortunately they're built to last, and small enough that they get left behind when all around is being demolished. So, what's there to see?

Moddsey has taken the lead on this, sharing photos of Hong Kong's old pillar boxes, fire hydrants, and inspection (manhole) covers.

But what else is out there? If you've found a particularly fetching piece of street furniture, let us know. You can leave a comment below, or even better, make a place for it and give it the tag street furniture, then it will show up on the map below.

The map below is 'live': you can drag it around with your mouse, click the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, and click the Map/ Satellite/ Hybrid buttons to change the appearance of the map.



A whole website dedicated to them!

Thanks to Moddsey for the link,