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Surviving gas lamp posts

Besides the well-known gas lamps (still in operation) on Duddell Street, some lamp posts survive into the new millennium. I know of the following ones: (1) Junction of Rutter Street and Fuk On Lane (or Wa Ning Lane), Tai Ping Shan. See: (2) Junction of Yu Po Lane East and Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun. Not sure if this one survived the construction of new buildings. There are other possible gas lamp posts mentioned in various internet forums. Can someone confirm if these are truly remnants of gas lamps? (a) Behind the Hung Shing Temple on Queen's Road East, Wan Chai; (b) Junction of Gascoigne Road and Chi Wo Street, Yau Ma Tei (not likely); (c) Tramway Path, Mid-levels (not likely).

In 1912, it is recorded that 2 gas lamps were erected on the path (east of the Peak Tramway) between Kennedy Rd and Boundary Path.

In 1914, a gas lamp was erected on Upper Rutter St.

There's definitely the remnants of one on a staircase in the future Hopewell 2 site in Wanchai. It's an amazing area to wander around. You can access the area using the staircase behind the temple on Queen's Road, or via Ship Street. You need to jump across a small culvert, neat the old college area

C, I didn't know there were any others apart from the ones at Duddell Street, so thanks for this.

We've recently added photos of the item (b) above. Based on the manufacturer's name I think that pole was for electrical cables, not gas lamps.

Thanks everyone for the input!  I didn't know gas lamps were still being erected in the 1910s.

80sKids:  I have never been to that area but have seen pictures by the photographer "Gaku Freeman" (unfortunately they are no longer on the internet).   The "decaying" atmosphere will disappear very soon.

Gas lighting was introduced in Hong Kong in 1865.

Three original gas lamp posts from the former Marine Police Station at TST have been re-erected near the Time-Ball Tower or Round House at Heritage 1881. The lamps actually run on gas!

1996 Visit & 2010 re-location

Former Marine Police HQ Gas Lamp Post


Former Marine Police HQ Gas Lamp Posts

Are these lamps still running on gas or have they been converted to electricity?

These lamps are sure historic and I wish they could be preserved in a safer place than exposing them to the elements.  I bet it is impossible to replace those glass/crystal panels if they are broken.

According to the information signboard, they are running on gas.

Still running on gas, huh?!!!!!  How interesting.  The government must have built a couple of gas lines specifically designated to those two lamps while all other street lamps in the vicinity are on electricity.  

According to the information signboard, they are running on gas.

Former Marine Police HQ Gas Lamp Post (Blow-up)


Another couple of possible old gas lamps are at Queen Mary Hospital, see and

My wife tells me that the Duddell Road Steps Gas Lights have suffered damage from Typhoon Mangkhut. Only one left standing apparently.

After 463 days, the Duddell Street gas lamps that have been damaged by typhoon on 16th Sep. 2018 re-light on 23rd Dec. 2019.

unnamed.jpg, by Zowie

It is great to hear that the Duddell Street gas lamps are working again. I recently noticed a gas lamp post on the grounds of the Jamia Mosque, 30 Shelley Street, Central.
Gas lamp post on the grounds of Jamia Mosque

Do you think this is a gas lamp post?

(I am not sure if the lane had been removed from the official Street Index.)

Possible gas lamp post on Yu Po Lane East
Possible gas lamp post on Yu Po Lane East, by C