Victoria Barracks swimming pool [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Victoria Barracks swimming pool [????- ]

The position is approximate, based on a 1980 map. If I've got it right, the Marriott Hotel's pool is on about the same spot today.

Photos that show this place


Any chance of posting that map, it would be interesting to see.

I've posted a copy of the map - it's shown in the photos above.

Thanks for the Places and Photos you've created. Are they places you've lived in, or just places you're interested in?

Regards, David

Thanks for posting the Map David.

I was in Hong Kong 75 – 78

We lived in Dills Corner for a year before moving down to Victoria Barracks.

I attended Sek Kong Primary, Victoria Primary and St Georges….Happy Days

Anybody know the name of regiment stationed in Dills Corner Camp at Kwu Tung?